Jesus vs. scientists

Over the weekend MSNBC printed an article titled, “Jesus vs. Scientists: Who’s better at miracles?” It is tragic that our “Christian nation” would feel comfortable even printing such a headline.

In this article they claim Jesus’ miracle of feeding the 5000 is not that big a deal anymore, because scientists have created fertilizers and genetically engineered food that can feed millions. They boast that healing the blind is also not that big a feat, as cataract surgery and lens replacements are now outpatient procedures. They even assert that healing the lame is not that big a deal, because modern medicine has progressed to the point that we can care for some of the worst maladies.

We have reached the pinnacle of arrogance when we compare our own pitiful accomplishments to the miracles of Jesus Christ. Using fertilizers to increase production is not the same as taking a couple of fish and loaves and miraculously feeding thousands. Clearing away cataracts is not the same as healing someone who has been blind since birth. But let’s be honest – MSNBC is not interested in being totally straightforward. And they certainly are not going to give God credit for the intelligence that man possesses today which allows us to heal the sick or feed more people.

Instead, they are trying to bring Jesus down to our level – to strip Him of His deity. Atheists and humanists would love nothing more than for our children to view Jesus as just another guy who did some cool things, but nothing really miraculous. Because after all, that would defy scientific laws! And our children, indoctrinated daily by humanistic teaching, have become numb to the truth that there is a power much bigger than mankind that is indeed supernatural and beyond the laws of naturalistic science.

Here’s my question and response to MSNBC: Can scientists master the art of walking on water? Can they suspend the laws of nature and calm the wind and sea? Can they raise someone from the dead who died several days ago? Most importantly, can scientists be crucified and come out of a tomb and serve as a spotless sacrifice for the sins of mankind? MSNBC will never get it. It’s not about healing someone who can’t see well or someone who is sick – the power of Jesus is in His blood. He alone has the ability to forgive sins. MSNBC will not include that in their comparison because they don’t want our society to realize that, deep down, we all have a sin problem. And the miracle of Jesus is the only solution to that problem. Friends, it is that blood (and that power) that science can never compete with.

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