Message From Death Row!

by Ricky Don Blackmon

I hope I may have a moment of your time. I am writing to you from prison, yes prison….I hope to reach out in the way that Paul did while he was in prison….to help you live according to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

First, stop and think what it is that may or may not cause one of us to end up in prison. It is the same thing that can cause us to end up in HELL. What is that? SIN !!!

And one of the sins I want to speak about here today is: “REBELLION”

Rebellion is what most of us don’t think about very much. Like not listening to our parents when they tell us something. Like not listening to God when He tells us something. Like not listening to Governing authorities. And one of the greatest and easiest things that cause this rebellion is your friends. Yes, your friends will try to get you to do something, and if you say “no,” often they will say; “come on, are you scared?” or they’ll call you “chicken.” Then most people will jump right in and do whatever it is, for most people don’t like to be looked at like that by their friends….I know what I am talking about, for all I have said so far, landed me on death row….

Wild women, drugs, and fast living, was the road I took and look where it got me. Don’t think it cannot happen to you, for if you find yourself on any of these roads, you will sooner or later run into a situation that may hurt not only you, but your loved ones as well. And when you say, “Oh, I know what I am doing,” believe me, I said the very same thing, and see where I am.

I obeyed the gospel many years ago and fell away, and now I have come home to the Lord again….When I obeyed the gospel I was told through God’s word what to do, and I fell away….But, PLEASE HEAR ME, clean up your life if you are in the wrong way of life. In the back of your mind you know who you are and the life you live. And if you say to yourself, like I said many times; “I know what I am doing,” the TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE…has a number for you. Mine is 000893. I am only one of 340…people on death row here in Texas. And if you run with the wrong people YOU could get the death penalty.

For example; say you are riding around with a friend, and you pull into a gas station. Your friend goes in to pay for the gas, and robs and kills the gas station attendant. You are only sitting in the car, but under Texas Law, a District Attorney can get a jury to give YOU a death sentence as well as the guy that did the killing…..Texas will execute people like that as if they were the one who did the crime….

It is my prayer that you will stop and think about your life…for we are all under…God’s law. If we obey the Lord, then we can have eternal life, even if life on earth throws us a curve, like it did me. But I was able to repent of my sins, but I also could have been dead before I had a chance to repent, and I know without a doubt, had I done so I would be bound for Hell. But I did repent, and have the chance to meet you in Heaven come Judgement Day. So please, let’s work for the goal together, OK?

Your brother in Christ Jesus, Ricky Don Blackmon

(After eleven years on death row, brother Blackmon was executed August 4, 1999, in Huntsville, TX.)

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